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Ketika Emak Terima Surat Pink

Ubud, 12-12-16

Dear Nisa,

Words seems too limited
If i try to express my feelings
If I try to express them
They float and sail all the way
On the ocean of happiness 
Behind these words
And when I close my eyes
They release my thoughts
Overwhelmed by beautiful memories
I feel the moments we shared in every sense 
So thankful to you for everything
Time with you was beyond imagination
Till we meet again

Big hug and kisses

Yours sincerely
Mr X


1 komentar untuk "Ketika Emak Terima Surat Pink"

  1. Menarik nih menanti postingan soal tanggapan Emak terhadap surat pink itu. Semoga gak bikin patah hati pembaca yang laen...